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Tabor winery Visitor Center


Visit Tabor Winery and experience Israel’s wine county, in heart of the Galilee.
See our vineyards in the foothills of the famous Mt. Tabor. Enjoy the breathtaking view while tasting world class wines.
Professional wine tasting and tours are available daily in English or Hebrew. Groups are encouraged please call ahead to reserve.


From the novice to the expert, everyone will enjoy a visit to Tabor. 

Get answers to questions: Where do the grapes come from? What’s the difference between Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz? Why do professionals spit the wine? What is barrel aging? How come some wines have bubbles?
Learn: all about winemaking and see the process in front of you during a comprehensive tour.
Experience: see, smell, and taste the wines of Tabor!


You’re invited to join us in our annual family harvest day. Children and adults pick the grapes and crush them. You get to take home your own bottle of grape juice!
This fun event takes place either in July or August, contact us or join our mailing list here for more details.


Interested in wine nuances and a more detailed talk about Tabor and our process? Seeking a private event at our winery? Our wine professionals are available to speak with your group . Suitable for private parties or professionals and industry members. Please contact us in advance to help plan your perfect event.

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