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About Us

Meet our Team

The people of Tabor Winery come together every day with their great passion, abundant knowledge and excellent synergy. They share one common goal: to create great wine.

Meet Arie Nesher and Amir Sarig, Winemakers
Arie Nesher meets Amir Sarig every day.
Generation meets generation.
School meets school.
Classic meets innovation.
Reserve meets bold.
Together they create Tabor Winery's various wines; together they create harmony and perfection.
Tabor Winery
Tabor winery is situated in the heart of the fertile Galilee. Our vineyards and winery lay in the foothills of Mt. Tabor. This unique location provides an ideal climate for growing grapes, as well as different soil types.
These factors, and our highly skilled and dedicated team, help to make tabor wines special; wines that exhibit the natural grape aromas and flavors. A bottle of Tabor will always enhance your gatherings and special moments.
Meet Oren Sela, Tabor Winery CEO
Oren Sela was born in Kfar Tabor. Continuing in his family's ways, he is the fourth generation of grape growers in the village. a true man of the earth who loves people and wine.
When meeting with Oren; on the village paths, in the vineyards or amongst the wine barrels, one understands the meaning of "belonging". Oren belongs to this place, more than the place belongs to him. He manages Tabor Winery out of his love for wine culture, grapes, and the people who make it. Oren believes that everyone, everywhere, deserves to drink and enjoy great wine.
Meet Michal Akerman, Agronomist
Michal can speak for hours about the scientific and technical details that influence the growing of grapes. She has much to say on grape varietals, terroir, different soil types found in the Tabor and Galilee region, as well as climate, precipitation or perfect clusters. However, when meeting with Michal, one discovers that she is more interested in listening to people share how they feel when they drink the wine, what's enjoyable and pleasing to their palate. As someone immersed in the process, she takes pleasure in hearing the results.

For all inquiries about Tabor wines outside of Israel please contact justin@twc.co.il